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Hipeba Research Fund for Cost & Steel
HIPEBA: Safer Roads by Using High Performance Steel
Issue 2/2016

HIPEBA (“High Performance Steel for Safer and more Competitive Safety Barriers”) is a EU-funded project that focuses on the development of safer and more competitive road restraint systems by using high-performance steels. Further information regarding the project is available at www.hipeba.eu.


HIPEBA will present results on FEM (Finite Element Method) simulations and criteria for the selection of high performance steels for Road Restraint Systems


18 July 2016

The HIPEBA technical deliverable labelled as D2.2 focuses on i) the input data used for Finite Element Method simulation, and ii) the definition of criteria to select the appropriate high performance steels for Road Restraint Systems (RRS).

The Finite Element Method (FEM) allows having substantial knowledge on how a RRS will perform during a real crash test. HIPEBA is using FEM simulation to achieve the highest efficiency in the design of new RRS (both shape and thickness are certainly optimised). The characterization tests carried out in deliverable D2.1 provided some data that now have been inputted during the simulation tests, such as load-stroke, geometry or young modulus. The FEM simulation, to be completed before Q4 2016, will be performed using the software LS-Dyna.

The D2.2 deliverable has also served to define criteria for the selection of high performance steels for RRS. Following an in-depth research process, the main functional requirement identified is the fracture resistance of the RRS. In addition, other requirements have been identified, of environmental (mechanical and chemical), manufacturing and non-functional nature.

The full version of the D2.2 deliverable will be available at our website by September 2016.


HIPEBA Advisory Group provides relevant insights on the future of road safety and high performance steels

  Concrete Bridge

5 May 2016

The HIPEBA Advisory Group -a specialised group of experienced industry and academia professionals in the field of RRS- has provided relevant insights that will support the outputs of HIPEBA from the commercial point of view. The answers have been gathered internally by means of an online questionnaire distributed to all group members. Some questionnaires were also delivered to some targeted delegates that attended the STA Annual Conference last February 2016.

The survey results have been integrated into the workings of the HIPEBA project according to the underlying interest expressed by respondents.

Although specific answers will remain confidential, some relevant insights are summarised below:

  • Some areas in which might entail a commercial opportunity for high performance steels include bridge pylons (under scenarios of narrow lanes) and pedestrian parapets.
  • Pricing of high performance steel RRS will be crucial to determine its competitiveness against standard steels. Less deformation space needed behind the barrier could mean lower cost of the road project as a whole.
  • In the next 10 years, an estimated market share target for high performance steel RRS ranges between 12-15%.


HIPEBA Advisory Group provides relevant insights on the future of road safety and high performance steels

HIPEBA presents its preliminary findings at the Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2016, held in Warsaw (Poland) last 18-21 April 2016


22 April 2016

HIPEBA was present in the TRA Marketplace poster session held last Monday 18 April in Warsaw (Poland). The project presented its revealing results, particularly focusing on: i) the technical challenges faced by Road Restraint Systems (RRS) nowadays, and ii) the properties of AHSS (Advanced High Strength Steel) when applied to RRS. The HIPEBA poster presented at the TRA Marketplace is available here.

The Transport Research Arena (TRA) (http://www.traconference.eu) is an EU-driven landmark event for researchers, industry representatives and policy-makers to meet and identify the innovative solutions that can drive the future transport system for Europe.

HIPEBA presents its findings at the Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2016, held in Warsaw (Poland) last 18-21 April 2016

High Performance Alloys Market Is Expected To Witness Significant Growth


14 June 2016

High performance alloys market is expected to reach USD 11.33 Billion by 2024, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. The market is expected to witness significant growth owing to increasing substitution of steel and other alloys by titanium and aluminum based high performance alloys. High strength coupled with superior oxidation resistant properties exhibited by these materials is expected to drive demand over the projected period.

Growing use of the product in industrial gas turbines and other gas turbines used in power generation is expected to drive growth over the forecast period. In addition, increasing government expenditure particularly in developing economies to restart gas based power plants is expected to have a positive impact growth.


High Performance Steel for Infrastructure

Improvements to Highway Guardrail Assemblies (Transportation Research Board Report)


21 July 2016

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development has released a report that examines the properties of raw materials for guardrails, the production and testing of molded guardrail blockouts, and finite element analyses and design optimization of the guardrails.

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Concerns raised over steel industry pricing


30 May 2016

The Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry has raised concerns regarding the pricing environment in the steel industry.

Members of the committee expressed concern regarding the impact of steel pricing on production, investment and more importantly the labour retention given the manner in which some companies are retrenching workers.

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STA Technical Roundtable 2016, Brussels (Belgium)


25 October 2016

This one-day event offers a review of the on-going efforts carried out by the STA community to bring to reality the deployment of Smart Transportation Infrastructures connecting people and businesses across the world.

The 2016 edition of the Roundtable will take place in the heart of Europe –Brussels, Belgium – on Tuesday 25 October 2016, and will provide a unique opportunity to engage with practitioners leading and supporting activities improving the methods, technologies and standards associated to transportation infrastructures.

Download the programme here.

Register by email at info@smart-transportation.org.


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10th North American Steel Conference 2016, Chicago (USA)


3-5 October 2016

CRU is delighted to announce details of the North American Steel Conference on the 3-5 October 2016. The event will once again take place in Chicago, home to the greatest concentration of steel consumers in North America.  

The CRU North American Steel conference provides access to leading steel market and price information and regularly attracts the industry’s largest purchasers and steel mills, by providing analysis of the US steel and raw materials market and price outlooks.  

The CRU North American Steel Conference will address a range of key issues that together are central to success. Delegates will hear experienced and noteworthy speakers discuss demand, materials technology, raw materials, cost competitiveness, trade barriers and global threats to the US steel market.

Now in its 10th year the event attracts a senior group of executives from mills, service centres and end users. For the most up to date and robust information on the US steel market, book your place today. 

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European Transport Conference 2016, Barcelona (Spain)


5-7 October 2016

The Association for European Transport is pleased to announce the 44th European Transport Conference, to be held in Barcelona, Spain.

The Conference will be held over three days from Wednesday 5 to Friday 7 October 2016. Working hours will be from 0900 to 1830. In the evenings, optional social events and networking opportunities will be offered.

Each day will have 3 sessions of up to 2 hours with up to 4 papers presented in each session (minimum of 10 minutes discussion on each). With invited key speakers giving plenary speeches on a number of the conference days.

An attractive package is available to encourage attendance for the full three days of the Conference. To maximise networking opportunities offered by the event, it is hoped that delegates will attend for the whole Conference; however, attendance on single days is also possible. The conference “Rover” ticket also allows organisations to book for the full three days and send a different delegate on separate days

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European Road Infrastructure Congress 2016, Leeds, United Kingdom


18-20 October 2016

 #ERICLeeds16 will bring together industry representatives, academics, policy makers, research institutes and road authorities from across the continent to network, engage and share their knowledge on the highways sector. Delivery, safety and adaptation of road infrastructure will be the key themes that run through the Congress; addressing technological changes, new delivery models and innovations in vehicle technology helping Europe to work together in achieving safer roads.

At a time when the UK Government is taking the lead in adopting innovative management and financing models for the delivery of road infrastructure, and with the establishment of Highways England as an independent body with a stipulated multi-annual budget, this Congress could not be a better environment to learn, interact and engage with the most influenced and key stakeholders within the industry.


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